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Valuable Resources for Building Your Business

Here are my proven strategies and templates from decades of launching businesses and mentoring startups (everything I wish I'd known from the beginning). I also offer webinars and an online course on how to be more confident in your financials and when pitching investors.

Founder with Rocket Pro Forma Financial

Need a financial projections template?

Rocket Pro Forma Checkmark.png
Rocket Pro Forma Checkmark.png
Rocket Pro Forma Checkmark.png
Rocket Pro Forma Checkmark.png

Easily enter and update your 3-year assumptions

Impress investors with the perfect pitch deck slide

Learn with short walkthrough videos at every step

Rocket Pro Forma does the heavy lifting for you

RPF Testimonial - Karen R 2020-09.png

Video walkthroughs on:

1) Finance basics for startups

2) How to confidently pitch investors and raise money

3) How to use the Rocket Pro Forma financial projections template

4) Pitch deck secrets

Milestones Slide Template.jpg

Turn the last slide of your pitch deck into a FOMO machine that convinces investors to write that big check (Free)

Want to impress investors but not ready to purchase Rocket Pro Forma yet? Grab my slide templates for your presentation or your spreadsheet, along with a walkthrough (Free)

Pitch Deck Financials Slide - Transactio
Strreamlined Financials for Entrepreneur

My 60-minute session covering the basics of financial projections, the 3 financial statements, cash vs. accrual, we love COGS, and fun with business models (Free). 

What makes investors say yes? Here are eight different strategies you can use to grab people’s attention. Includes examples from actual pitch decks and a video walkthrough (Free)

Pitch Deck Playbook.png
Pitch Deck Playbook Part 2 by Rocket Pro

Founders keep asking me for a deeper dive so here you go. I cover competitive landscape, financials, market plan, unit economics, and more (Free)

This worksheet helps you sketch out your business model. I find this crucial to clarify my thinking. It's also great for aligning with co-founders, investors, and other stakeholders (Free)

Lean Canvas Widescreen Rocket Pro Forma.
Hiring Plan Spreadsheet.jpg

Spreadsheet template to help you map out your headcount and salaries for the next three years (Free)

Thirty-minute session on with ten tips on how to value your startup, including how investors think. Remember that you can solve for % ownership rather than value—and always keep your eye on the exit price (Free)

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