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Rocket Pro Forma is a financial projections spreadsheet that saves time and headache so you can focus on what you do best.

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“Thanks again for one of the most valuable tools we had access to at the Babson WIN Lab.”

Babson College

Accelerator Program

Rocket Pro Forma helped us consider all aspects of our financial needs, business expenses, and revenue projections in a very efficient way as we raise capital.

Annette King

Founder at Muuchit

“Thanks to Rocket
Pro Forma, I won my pitch competition along with the cash prize! I watched all of the included videos, which helped a lot.”

Stefano Selorio

CEO of Carevocacy

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Meet Mike Lingle


I’m a former software developer who’s raised venture capital, had an exit, and done a tremendous amount of mentoring. I've run several accelerator programs and am an entrepreneur in residence at Babson College. I'm obsessed with helping founders launch and quickly grow successful businesses. I created Rocket Pro Forma because it's the tool I wish I had when I started my first business at 25.

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Put together your three-year financial plan in an afternoon, even if you're not a numbers person. Combine and layer different business models—or focus on just one. Rocket Pro Forma handles subscriptions and SaaS, eCommerce, DTC, B2B, manufacturing, transactions, and more. 


Enter your assumptions and Rocket Pro Forma does the heavy lifting for you​. The unique interface turns your financials into a living document that you can update yourself as needed. Check out the FAQ for more info. 

Rocket Pro Forma automatically creates a killer pitch deck slide for you—with a proven format that's been used to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. It also creates a detailed income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet  that you can use for your internal budgeting and management.

A realistic financial model is your unfair advantage, especially in these uncertain times. Rocket Pro Forma helps you learn and understand your numbers. You’ll be able to confidently discuss—and update—your financial projections with potential investors, cofounders, business partners, and family members.

Spreadsheet Template with

60-Minute Coaching Session



Covid-19 Price: $99

I'll spend an hour one-on-one with you creating a draft of your financial projections


After that, you take over and do it yourself with included video walkthroughs


You can check back in with me and I'll give you feedback on your financial projections

Financial Projections Spreadsheet Template Only



Covid-19 Price: $44

Do it yourself with included video walkthroughs

Automatically creates your pitch deck slide, income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet

Includes assumptions tab, hiring plan, and financing plan

Also great for Excel experts who want a running start


I Build Your Pitch Deck and Financials (Complete Service)




I'll help create whatever you need for your business—including a customized financial model, fundraising strategy, and a killer pitch deck.


I've helped thousands of other founders raise money.

Includes two rounds of revisions, and I'll make sure you're completely happy with the results.


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