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What's So Great About
Rocket Pro Forma?

You need a financial plan that's as awesome as your vision!

I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, and most of them are way better with customers than they are with numbers. Why?

  • Founders often have limited financial knowledge

  • Spreadsheets scare people

  • Assumptions change, so financials need constant updating

  • Investors ask you to test different assumptions


Even the founders who love spreadsheets can use a big head start—with a template that does the heavy lifting. Then they can focus on whatever needs tweaking.

Rocket Pro Forma is the tool I built to help myself quickly prepare financial projections for a wide range of startups. Now I'm making it available to you.

Innovation #1: Work Faster and Smarter
Does your spreadsheet look like this? Rocket Pro Forma has a wizard that walks you through entering your assumptions. You'll find yourself working quickly without getting overwhelmed. And you'll know that you won't have forgotten anything.

Rocket Pro Forma Wizard.jpg

Innovation #2: Learn As You Go
Rocket Pro Forma is full of short instructional videos that walk you through the important concepts. It's like having a skilled instructor sitting with you as you prepare your financial projections!

Innovation #3: Skip the Little Boxes
It's much quicker to enter three years of assumptions using just a few numbers (vs. needing to enter 36 different monthly values...and then needing to change those 36 monthly values every time your assumptions change). This is the biggest blocker with all the other available financial models. Save yourself time and headache by choosing Rocket Pro Forma.

You still get all the little monthly boxes, but they're created for you—you're welcome!


Here's a video walkthrough of how easy it is to enter (and update) three years of assumptions >

Innovation #4: Focus Your Efforts
Rocket Pro Forma gives you three business models to choose from:

  1. Transactions / Services (Virtual)

  2. Physical Items with Manufacturing / Inventory

  3. Subscriptions

Then it lets you feed them into each other. Physical items can feed subscriptions like Nest or Ring. Subscriptions can feed transactions like Amazon Prime memberships. Transactions can feed subscriptions like how some Uber riders purchase monthly Ride Pass subscriptions. You get the idea.

Innovation #5: Plan Wisely
All of your sales come from somewhere. I've seen incredibly smart people raise money based on imaginary sales that never materialize. This leads to disappointed investors. And bankruptcy. 

Instead, Rocket Pro Forma gives you the following sales funnels:

  1. Founders

  2. Organic Site Traffic

  3. Paid Ad Sales

  4. Direct Sales

  5. Channel / Affiliate Sales

  6. (And any business model feeding any others)

And So Much More!
Rocket Pro Forma gives you incredible realism—with a simple interface:

  1. Training of each new sales person along with ramp time to full quota.

  2. Subscription churn, upgrades, and downgrades.

  3. Manufacturing and inventory (Rocket Pro Forma will even optimize your production runs if you'd like).

  4. A broad range of possible expenses. Even a quick glance will give you the mental framework to navigate toward a profitable future.

  5. Multiple fundraising rounds and/or loans.

  6. All of the accounting is handled for you, so your COGS are appropriate to your business model—and kept separate from your Operating and Capital Expenses.

Will Your Business Work?

About 50% of small businesses fail, according to the Small Business Association. Three out of four venture-backed startups don’t return investors’ capital, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

And that was before Covid-19. Now it’s more important than ever to build—or pivot to—a profitable business model. 


Can you find a scalable way to acquire customers? Can you make money doing it?

Well-crafted pro forma financial projections help you stay in business, avoid bankruptcy, and achieve your vision. They can also help you raise money, if that’s your goal. Either way, your financial projections are key to your success.


I used to build financial projections for entrepreneurs. Then I realized that I was often doing more harm than good—because founders weren’t learning what they needed to know. They were simply presenting my work to investors, but they didn’t understand it. Which meant that they couldn’t explain the numbers. Worst of all, they couldn’t update their pro forma financials as things evolved.

That’s when I started developing my Rocket Pro Forma spreadsheet.

The result? Founders quickly get a handle on their own numbers. Everybody wins!

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