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Webinar Series

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5/25/21, 5:00 PM

Impress Investors with your Financial Projections

* All times in Eastern Timezone

Topic 1: Streamlined 

Financials for Startups

Streamlined Financials for Entrepreneurs
  • Want to avoid the mistakes that drive other startups out of business?

  • Want to get a handle on how to run your business?

  • Want to learn just enough accounting to be successful?

Webinar Focused on Startup Finance Basics

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for first-time founders is getting a handle on the numbers. We don't need to become accountants—but we do need to learn how to plan, manage, and discuss our cash flow needs. This fun, interactive session will cover:

  • The basics of financial projections

  • The 3 financial statements

  • Cash and accrual

  • Why we love COGS

  • How to build a powerful cash flywheel

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Topic 2: Impress Investors

with Your Financials 

Webinar Focused on Pitch Decks and Fundraising:

  • Want to turn your pitch deck into an investor magnet?

  • Want to tell a compelling story with your numbers and key metrics?

Impress Investors Webinar Invite Rocket

Meet Mike Lingle

I’m a former software developer who’s raised venture capital, started more than one presentation company, had an exit, and run several accelerator programs. I'm an entrepreneur in residence at Babson College and Founder Institute, where I help founders launch, fund, and grow successful businesses. After almost driving my first startup into the ground, I realized that I needed to figure out the financials—and Rocket Pro Forma is the tool I wish I had when I launched my own company at 25 years old.

Founders who know their numbers impress investors. They also build better businesses more quickly. This session provides easy-to-implement suggestions and practical advice when you're raising money. We'll also cover valuation shortcuts and proven fundraising strategies. Slide templates are provided for you to use in your pitch deck.

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