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Financials Made Easy
for Startups

Do you feel like you're pulling numbers out of thin air?


Want to confidently grow your business?


Want to confidently create your financial projections?


Want to impress investors with your numbers?


Financial Projections Made Easy

Want to get a handle on your numbers? We don't need to become accountants—but we do need to learn how to plan and fund our cash flow. 

This fun (yes fun) interactive course will help you:

  • Learn exactly the finance basics you need to succeed.

  • Create a  financial model for your business that you understand and can update.

  • Avoid the money mistakes that kill other startups.

  • Impress investors—and yourself—by telling a compelling story with your numbers and key metrics.

How This Course Works

Two People Working.png

We'll use the flipped classroom approach, where you watch the videos on your own time. We'll use our group sessions to workshop the material and answer all your questions.

I've been testing this course with StartUP FIU— and I've seen how quickly the participants master the concepts (but don't take my word for it, please see below for testimonials).

Support for Your Journey

1. Join our group conversation. You'll become a member for life and will always be able to ask questions of our growing network of talented entrepreneurs (Success and Total Packages).

2. Can't make a session? Or just want to review important concepts? You'll receive recordings of all the sessions (Success and Total Packages).


3. I'll answer your specific questions about your financial projections via email (Success and Total Packages).


4. One-on-one coaching session with Mike Lingle on your financial projections and/or pitch deck (Total Package).


5. Pitch practice session where you'll get to present to the group and receive detailed, personalized feedback (Total Package).


6. I'll provide feedback on your pitch deck via email (Total Package).

RPF Testimonial - Kit B v4

One Founder's Experience

"The workshop was amazing!" 

"I'm excited to have a financial model that I can confidently talk through when people ask about it."


The Streamlined Financials for Startups course is taught in four modules, and includes a copy of the Rocket Pro Forma spreadsheet template.

If you're raising money this is the best way to become investor ready. Two weeks is the right amount of time to create your financials, learn the basics of startup finance, and get comfortable with your numbers.

Founders usually want to create their financial projections quickly, so everything is packed into two weeks. The workshop sessions are scheduled for these days:

Calendar person.png

Intro Workshop // DIY, Success, & Total Packages (Optional)

1st Module // Success & Total Packages

2nd Module // Success & Total Packages

3rd Module // Success & Total Packages

4th Module // Success & Total Packages

What's In Each Module?

Module 1: Finance Crash Course and Intro to Rocket Pro Forma


What do good financial projections look like?


"I feel like I'm pulling numbers from thin air!"


What story do we want the numbers to tell?


How to choose—and combine—business models.

Module 2: Smart Revenue and Unit Economics


Where do sales come from?


What are our best pricing strategies?


How much does it cost to acquire each customer?


What are our unit economics?

Module 3: Optimizing Key Metrics, Margins, and Hiring


Creating a profitable cash flywheel.


Learning from the best.


Winning strategies for attracting talent.


Choosing the right key metrics.

Module 4:  Impress Investors


Shortcut to "What's my startup worth?"


What's most important to investors?


Am I back-able, bank-able, or both?


What convinces investors to write that check?

Sample Content

I Feel Like I'm Pulling Numbers Out of Thin Air!

The Best Financial Projections Slides

You're in Great Company

babson college logo.jpg

“Thanks again for one of the most valuable tools we had access to at the Babson WIN Lab.”

Babson College

Accelerator Program

Annette King Muuchit.jpg

Rocket Pro Forma helped us consider all aspects of our financial needs, business expenses, and revenue projections in a very efficient way as we raise capital.

Annette King

Founder at Muuchit

Stefano Selorio Carevocacy.jpg

“Thanks to Rocket
Pro Forma, I won my pitch competition along with the cash prize! I watched all of the included videos, which helped a lot.”

Stefano Selorio

CEO of Carevocacy

RPF Testimonial - Scott M 2021-07-26.jpeg
RPF Testimonal Trill.jpg
RPF Testimonial Carolina.png
RPF Testimonial Dale.jpg
RPF Testimonial - Daniel B FI 2020-10-07
RPF Testimonail Petra.jpg

Made for entrepreneurs by an entrepreneur

Meet Mike Lingle
I’m a former software developer who’s raised venture capital, started more than one presentation company, had an exit, and run several accelerator programs. I'm an entrepreneur in residence at Babson College and Founder Institute, where I help founders launch, fund, and grow successful businesses. After almost driving my first startup into the ground, I realized that I needed to figure out the financials—and Rocket Pro Forma is the tool I wish I had when I launched my own company at 25 years old.

Connect with me on LinkedIn or join one of my free webinars on how to be more confident in your financials and when pitching investors.


Who Is This Course For?

Checklist person.png

Anyone who feels like they're pulling numbers out of thin air!

Entrepreneurs who are great with their product or service, but don't feel as comfortable with the numbers.


Founders who are raising money and want to confidently pitch investors.


Startups from idea-stage through Series A—after which they usually don't need me anymore 👍


Anyone who wants to improve their financial knowledge without having to become an accountant.

Your Unfair Advantage

Rocket Pro Forma is a financial projections template that helps you quickly get comfortable with your numbers so you can confidently run your business and impress investors.

The simple interface and built-in
intelligence automatically creates
your pitch deck slide and financial
statements for you.

Short instructional videos walk you
through the important concepts on

Rocket Pro Forma is the only template that lets you choose—and combine—modern business models like subscriptions / SaaS, eCommerce, marketplaces, D2C, B2B, B2C, inventory / manufacturing, ad-based / data-based revenue, and more.


Ready to go?

All packages include the video lessons, membership in the group chat, and a copy of the Rocket Pro Forma financial projections template.

Course Package

Self-Guided Videos with Spreadsheet Template and Chat-Based Support



Your Price: $199

Do-it-yourself with
access to all of the video walkthroughs covering both financial concepts and specifics on how to customize your financial projections


Join the dedicated group chat for feedback and answers to your questions

Includes a one-hour online workshop, plus the Rocket Pro Forma template

Not ready for the course?

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Launch Your Business With Rocket Pro For
RPF Testimonial - Dani C 2020-11-10.jpg
RPF Testimonial - Daniel B FI 2020-10-07
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RPF Testimonial - Jonathan Q 2020-10-02.
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