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Rocket Pro Forma

Impress Investors with Your Financials


Make Your Startup

Investable In A Single Afternoon


Impress investors with your financials.  

And get funded. 

And stop worrying so much about getting investors, and more about getting customers!

​Rocket Pro Forma is a financial projections spreadsheet that saves time and headache so you can focus on what you do best.

  • Rocket Pro Forma can help you get investment more quickly, so you can turn your focus back to building a great business.

  • In one afternoon, Rocket Pro Forma can help your startup become vastly more investable.

  • We’ll show you how easy it can be using Rocket Pro Forma.


Get Rocket Pro Forma for a limited time at the reduced “trial offer” price of 90% off.

Some of the businesses that have used to Rocket Pro Forma to become investment ready

babson college logo.jpg

“Thanks again for one of the most valuable tools we had access to at the Babson WIN Lab.”

Babson College

Accelerator Program


Rocket Pro Forma helped us consider all aspects of our financial needs, business expenses, and revenue projections in a very efficient way as we raise capital.

Annette King

Founder at Muuchit


“Thanks to Rocket
Pro Forma, I won my pitch competition along with the cash prize! I watched all of the included videos, which helped a lot.”

Stefano Selorio

CEO of Carevocacy

Nail Your Big Pitch

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RPF Testimonal Trill.jpg
RPF Testimonial Diego.png
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RPF Testimonial Armand.png

1.  Simply Input Your Assumptions

The easy interface will automatically create your pitch deck slide and financial statements.

2.  Learn As You Go

Rocket Pro Forma walks you through with a series of videos to answer your questions.

3.  Grow Your Business

Rocket Pro Forma is your shortcut to success.

Founder with Rocket Pro Forma Financial

Made for entrepreneurs by an entrepreneur

Meet Mike Lingle


I’m a former software developer who’s raised venture capital, had an exit, and run several accelerator programs. I'm an entrepreneur in residence at Babson College and Founder Institute. After almost driving my first startup into the ground I realized that I needed to figure out the financials—and I created Rocket Pro Forma because it's the tool I wish I had when I started my first business at 25. I'm obsessed with helping founders launch and quickly grow successful businesses.

Connect with me on LinkedIn or join one of my free webinars on how to be more confident in your financials and when pitching investors.

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