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Financials Made Easy
for Startups

Do you feel like you're pulling numbers out of thin air?

Want to confidently create your financial projections?


Want to confidently grow your business?

Want to impress investors with your numbers?

Financials Template + Online Course

$199 Value!


All of the modules are available immediately, with lifetime access.


Quickly create your financial projections with Rocket Pro Forma (even if you're not a numbers person).


Bring your questions to our group chat or live office hours.

​This fun (yes fun) interactive course will help you:

  • Create a financial model for your business that you understand and can update yourself (easy-to-use template included)

  • Impress investors—and yourself—by telling a compelling story with your numbers and key metrics

  • Sanity-check your assumptions

  • Avoid the money mistakes that kill other startups

Online Course, and...

Rocket Pro Forma is easy to use:

1. Work Faster and Smarter

Automatically create your killer pitch deck slide and financial statements. Built-in intelligence helps you with SaaS, eCommerce, and more.

2. Be Confident

Rocket Pro Forma helps you tell a compelling story with your numbers and key metrics. Short walkthrough videos answer your questions at every step. 

3. Get Funded and Grow

Founders who know their numbers impress investors. They also build better businesses more quickly. Rocket Pro Forma is your shortcut to success.

...Financial Projections Template

Answers Your Questions

  • Which numbers should I use?

  • What if I'm not a numbers person?

  • What questions will investors ask?

  • How much money should I raise?

  • What's my company worth?

  • What should my customer acquisition costs be?

  • How many people should I hire?

  • And more!

Created for Founders!

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Who Is This Bundle For?

Founders who are raising money and want to confidently pitch investors.


Startups from idea-stage through Series A—after which they usually don't need us anymore 👍

Entrepreneurs who are great with their product or service, but not as comfortable with the numbers.


Anyone who wants to save time and improve their financial knowledge without having to study accounting.

Financials Template + Online Course

$199 Value!

What's In Each Lesson?


  • Why do startups need financial projections?

  • What do good financial projections look like?

  • "I feel like I'm pulling numbers from thin air!"

  • What story do we want the numbers to tell?

  • How to choose—and combine—business models.

Fun With Accounting (Short & Sweet)

  • The 3 financial statements

  • Cash and accrual accounting

  • Accounting for expenses

  • (that's it!)

Pricing and Margins

  • What are the best pricing strategies?

  • How much does it cost to acquire each customer?

  • What are unit economics?

  • We love COGS!

  • Choosing the right key metrics.

Customer Acquisition

  • Where do sales come from?

  • Growth-based sales funnels

  • More detailed sales funnels

Your Most Valuable Resource 

  • Your hiring plan

  • How many employees should you hire? And when?

  • Winning strategies for attracting talent

How Much Cash Do We Need?

  • Creating a profitable cash flywheel

  • Cash needs for SaaS, marketplace, manufacturing, inventory, and more

  • Learning from the best

  • Choosing the right key metrics

Fun Questions

  • Is WeWork a tech company?

  • Why do startups raise money instead of borrowing it?

What's Your Startup Worth?

  • Valuation shortcut (no spreadsheet required)

  • Choosing the right key metrics.​

Impress Investors

  • Pitch deck examples

  • Pitch deck design (simple and powerful, for non-designers)

  • What's most important to investors?

  • What convinces investors to write that check?

Watch Sample Course Content

What if I feel like I'm pulling numbers out of thin air for my startup financial projections?

What if I feel like I'm pulling numbers out of thin air for my startup financial projections?

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