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A Killer Pitch Deck

From the design aesthetic to
the pitch narrative and
financial projections, our team of experts will help you put together a pitch deck that’ll get you funded. 

A Proven Strategy

We’ve started several companies and 
worked closely with a broad range of entrepreneurs and investors. Leveraging this depth of experience, we help you: 

  • Develop & test your fundraising 

  • Define your growth strategy.

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Our Process >

1.  Materials Review

We’ll start by reviewing any materials you can 
provide in advance: your website, sales and 
marketing collateral, and existing and/or 
work-in-progress versions of your pitch deck, 
financial model and business plan. 

2.  Initial Kickoff Meeting

We’ll spend 1-2 hours interviewing you to better 
understand your business and what you’ve accomplished so far.





Crafting Your Narrative

3. Developing Your Story Flow


We’ll start by mapping out how we think your 
pitch deck should flow, in order to support a 
structure and narrative that highlights your company’s strengths, while properly framing 
opportunities for improvement.

Upon completion of a first draft, we’ll submit the outline to you for review and feedback. Our goal is to ensure you feel comfortable with the story (it’s flow and messaging), as you’ll ultimately be the person presenting it. 

This process generally takes a few rounds of back and forth before getting the story right.

5.  Developing Your Financial Projections

4. Defining Your Homework


Along the way, we’ll suggest homework that will strengthen your pitch (for example, lining up a board of advisors or spending a few weeks testing your new sales channel to gather metrics to include in the deck).

At this point, we’ll start developing a first draft of your financial projections, if applicable. While our team members possess deep expertise in developing financial models, clients vary in the degree of assistance needed in this area. Our service options for financial projections, include: 

  1. Full: Financial model development and slide design (layout + formatting)

  2. Design Only: Slide design (layout + formatting)

What You Can Expect >
What We Ask From You >

Designing Your Pitch Deck

6. Designing Your Pitch Deck Template

We’ll design a presentation template (a design aesthetic and layout) that accurately reflects your brand. The process includes providing a few “look and feel” directions for selection and application throughout the pitch deck. Additionally, based on the chosen design direction, we’ll help design an email template for use when reaching out to potential investors.


7.  Styling Your Final Presentation

Once we’re in agreement on the text-based outline of the pitch deck, we’ll layout and style all deck slides (per the look and feel direction) and submit for your review and feedback. Additionally, at this time we’ll deliver a first draft of your financial projections (if applicable). Ultimately, we’ll iterate through a few rounds of review and feedback to get everything right and ensure a final polished deck.

8.  Starting Investor Outreach

We can also help you learn to identify and connect with appropriate investors for your industry and stage of growth. We usually suggest starting this the process of outreach and scheduling meetings a few weeks before the completing of your pitch deck.

9.  Meeting Investors

For your initial few investor meetings, we recommend meeting with prospective investors who you know are tough as nails and unlikely to invest. These early meetings will give you invaluable information on the questions investors will generally ask (here’s our reverse investor list strategy) and will help to strengthen your pitch before you meet with your high-value potential investors.





And along the way, you'll find you’ve acquired a much better understanding 
of your business…

…and what it’ll take to 
raise money. We can provide tips on presentation skills but 
of course we can’t deliver your pitch. Investors want to know you. 

If you keep refining your pitch, your business will evolve in the process 
and so will you.

We leave you with a pitch deck that both looks professional and is easy to edit as needed.

One investors will love, especially after you’ve used it in a few meetings.


…and we'll teach you a process proven for success…

It’s not likely, we’ll be able to introduce you to the right investors, even though we know a few. You’ll need to find your own tribe, which is part of the fun! But we will help you develop a strategy to meet the right people. You can expect to spend a lot of time setting up and attending meetings. Investors usually want to have several conversations with you and it’s important to keep showing momentum every time you speak with them. 

We can help you map out a strategy for this. Ultimately, if you keep updating your pitch deck after every investor meeting, it will continue to improve and deliver. Pitch decks are living documents and you’ll learn something from every conversation. 

  • Your website

  • Your existing pitch deck and financial model (even if 
unfinished or incomplete)

  • Your business plan

  • Your brand guide, logo. color palette, custom 
photography, etc.

All of the information you can 
provide, which usually includes:





Our Contract

  • We’ll send a contract if we agree to work together, which includes an NDA 
to protect your trade secrets. 

  • But Please Note: 

    • We can’t sign NDAs to look at a pitch deck or hear a pitch ahead of a contract, 
we work with far too many entrepreneurs. 

    • Most professional investors will refuse to sign NDAs because they look at so many ideas, and I encourage you to assume that they will pass your pitch deck along to your competitors. So please only include info in your pitch deck that doesn’t contain trade secrets. You’ll have more than one conversation with interested investors, so you can dive into details once you’ve gotten to know them and built a level of trust.

Our Fees

  • Pitch Deck Only: $3,000

  • Financial Model Only: $3,000

  • Pitch Deck + Financial Model: $5,500


  • Our process usually takes 3-6 weeks, depending 
on the nature of the engagement.

Pitch Deck Sample Slides




Mike Lingle

Mike is a former software developer who started his career building custom applications for clients including IBM, Pfizer, and the Discovery Channel.

Tim Hawkes

For over 20 years, Tim has been managing the strategy, design and development of complex, multidisciplinary digital innovation and international data-driven marketing programs for clients including Ford, IBM, Avaya, Dove, SiriusXM, J&J, Nestle, MetLife and Kraft. Tim's passion lies in supporting companies to design and communicate their products, brand, and value propositions to investors, customers, and partners.

Examples of Our Work>



About Us >
Mike Lingle Headshot.png

Mike then went onto co-found, a software-as-a-service platform for sales and marketing presentations acquired by VMWare in 2011. After SlideRocket, Mike has focused on helping both startups and enterprises launch disruptive businesses. He possesses a broad range of experience including fundraising, management, operations, finance, sales, marketing, and product management. Additionally, Mike has run two accelerator programs and have mentored a wide range of innovators — from startup founders to corporate executives — on how to build high-growth companies in many different industries. Mike also spent two years working with Salim Ismail, author of Exponential Organizations and co-founder of Singularity University, to help companies like Boston Scientific develop transformative new business models and cities like Miami solve traffic.

Mike teaches entrepreneurship, and is currently an executive-in-residence at Babson College. He has developed a wide range of materials to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Some of my tools and templates that you might find useful can be found on our Resources page:


He has run entrepreneurship and innovation programs, supporting the fintech, healthcare, ecommerce, education, and communication verticals for startups and internal corporate product development. Tim's creative and innovative approach to digital has been recognized by various industry awards and notables, including Cannes, Clios, One Show, IAB Mixx Awards, Webbys, FWA, and Awwwards. Tim holds a MBA from Zicklin School of Business in NYC and a BA from Hamilton College.

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